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Phone chat with women in cadillac

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Phone chat with women in cadillac

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I did like the character of the ex-wife and that of the wannabe awful clothes deer girlfriend 2, played well by Lori Petty. Everything is wacky.

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He exudes the "I love to sell" line despite his nutty life as a quick witted womanizing salesman. BobbyGuts 10 September But, if you are reading this, you already know it's a comedy and you already know what is coming, because you probably read the plot synopsis.

You would expect a film with Williams as a car salesman to be a zip zip one liner-thon, and while some of the film is very funny, it can lose itself within the confined setting and silly sub-plots. For whatever reason, Robin is perfectly suited as a car salesman.

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An error has occured. A car salesman is trying to balance many great stresses that all need to be put on hold when a gunman enters his dealership. This was probably the worst character I've seen Williams play on the ethical meter. On top of that We have Tom Robbins as the husband of an employee who breakes into the free chat aj with an automatic weapon demanding to know who has been sleeping with his wife.

Those expecting a typical 'Robin Williams' performance in "Cadillac Man" will be surprised by his more measure, toned-down performance. Cnat funny, vividly life-like with an unpredictable ending. Those sequences make this a great movie. Joey tries to take the blame for an affair despite not sleeping with Donna.

MovieAddict 9 August This is the best part of the movie.

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All the characters in the movie did perform their job well. Robbin Williams stars in this wickedly amusing and ocassionally hilarious film about a car salesman having womrn worst few days of his life. The chemistry between Pamela Reed who plays Robin's ex wife and Robin make for some sizzlingly if that's a word funny interactions.

I do not see Roger Donaldson as a funny director. Okay snailgirl4 23 October Robin Williams is great at drama which you wouldn't think, him being such a funny and wacky guy, but he pulled it off well. Although people have found this disappointing, I really love this film, William's character too, Joey, having ties in with the mafia. No dull acting at all.

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There is no over the top joke, but it is VERY funny if you are paying attention and have enough common knowledge to get it. If you like her, you'll like her here.

In a very over-the-top performance, with lots of shooting and yelling, Larry crashes his motorcycle into the car showroom, with explosives strapped to the bike and with a machine gun. Uneven comedy that isn't that funny and ends a bit mushy.

Williams shines in a more restrained role, exercising the dramatic skills that would be rewarded in "Good Will Hunting", and that he'd continue to develop in his later years. It is generally not funny except when Robin gets a few laughs with the help of Tim Robbins. chat lover

His marriage is in the toilet and he has to sell 12 cars or he loses his job. Not that the humor is that hpone, it just doesn't hit you over the head with obvious jokes. Williams is as watchable as ever, but this time, wiith is more of an anti-hero, as far away from Mork as you could imagine, but it makes the dark in this black comedy all the more delicious.

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I really found this movie hugely entertaining, where the second half, wonen, as Robin's infidelity finally catches up with him, as Robbins in a great performance, as a nutso, comes crashing through his place of work on his motorcycle. Emphasis on broken down here, as she was on way with her padres to a funeral, so her mood, like the others, isn't one that brightens.

You knew he was lying because his lips were witg. It's a far cry from his best movie. So when Tim Robbins comes in with a plastique bomb because he thinks Williams is making love to his wife, Williams has to sell him on the fact that he shouldn't do that.

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Oh God I love the 90s. A lot of the other reviewers seemed to enjoy it so I hope this review balances things.

It just wasn't very entertaining. The opening scene where Robin Williams as the car salesman Joey tries to sell a car to woman who is about to bury her husband cracks me up every time I see it.

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At least one thing in his life was going to change. But lo and behold, one year after the turning point, when Robin changed from quick witted comic to pedantic instructor to eomen lessor informed than himself, this little gem is released. SnoopyStyle 3 August Williams plays car salesman Joey O'Brien. ;hone your history. There is something very real about this scene and I would think that someone who has to talk down a hostage situation might gain something from 78336 sex man chat how Joey makes connections with Larry on a personal level.

Everybody is loud. So-so comedy starring Robin Williams as a Cadillac dealer, phoone shop is held hostage by maniac Tim Robbins. Robin Williams had a major role in it of convincing and as usual he didn't disappoint us.