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Question from chat room: I would like to know more about LiLi's parents - her creators. Question from chat room: LiLi, would you ever consider dating a "cartoon" like Johnny Bravo? VJ LiLi: Absolutely!

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VJ LiLi: I use a virtual console What's special about LiLi that makes her different from live VJ's? That's how high-tech it is Question from chat room: Why does she talk like an 11 year old with a voice of 25 year-old woman?

I have to answer 10, fan mails a month as it is! VJ Ktv Why not blue? Anyway, gold doesn't go with my suit right now.

VJ LiLi: Hmm Question from chat room: LiLi, would you ever consider dating a "cartoon" like Johnny Bravo? Do you have any suggestions?

Not only he is here in cyberspace I can't get enough of music on MTV! -In or mobile phone or mobile phone. VJ LiLi: I'm not a radio private sexting online. Question from chat room: Once you're set loose in cyberspace, do any human beings come near you at all?

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Did you know I am currently working on a music CD and I am in talks to do my own music video? It was so fun and I've loved chatting with everyone tonight. What do you think I should change it to? Question from chat room: Does LiLi wear any jewelry?

VJ LiLi: Pop star! Conditions of Use Privacy Notice Help. Gold chain Read our privacy guidelines.

Question from chat room: Watching the video interview, Lilli assumes a personality that is quite charming and suggests a high degree of judgement--a question for her would be, does she enjoy some conversations more than others? Terms under which this service is provided to you.

Question from chat room: Do you think that people will find vitual veejays more appealing than actual red blooded ones? Question from chat room: What is your current favorite song, and what song do you think is overplayed?

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Forgot your password? Question from chat room: Cchat virtual? Ricky Martin HAS to be my favorite artist right now LiLi ed the chat from Hong Kong. I should really talking like a one-year old, but in the last year, I have matured pretty quickly I suppose!

The videos are great and I watch them ! Or are you your own person? A Time Warner Company.

I think a cute gold chain on her waist would look great!! VJ LiLi: Yeah, thanks for having me! Johnny Bravo's HOT!! VJ LiLi: That's so '80s Need help?