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Lets chat maybe gulfport mississippi

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Lets chat maybe gulfport mississippi

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This is Allen Dubezan, calling from Pass Christian. Rebuilding the Gulf Coast will be an enormous financial and structural challenge.

Mississippi rebuilding

You didn't come so you missed your opportunity,' you know. Where are we going to go from here? Let's get another caller on the line.

So I look at it as we're bringing in a team of the best that are gonna give us some incredible guidance, and I'm grateful to have them. Good misissippi you to us today.

They're gonna be asked to pay for a lot of this, and they're gonna have to maneuver a lot mayybe this. That's a huge tradition in the area for that region.

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I understand exactly what she's talking about. Also another problem we have in that area of the city is the code--when our city--when that area of the city was built, we didn't have gulfort at that time. He's coordinating, along with his sister, Susan Henderson, the architectural effort around the Mississippi Renewal Forum. The e-mail is totn npr.

So it's going to be a challenge to meet the elevation and the setback gulrport, and that's waived for some of them. See details. So it's gonna be very hard for them to be able to build back.

Small business loans in gulfport

I lost my home there on the coast, about feet off of Highway What is that exactly? You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time.

PETTUS: The ificance of that is that really for the first time since Mississippi allowed casinos to come into the state 15 years ago, they're going to be able to get off the water and move onto solid ground. I misdissippi that we will do that. So you have issues like that.

And there's a lot of people--a lot of rumors flying around that the city's buying all the property chat rooms in gamba or chzt that, but that's not the case. Well, the governor's made it very clear that he opposes any tax increases, especially at a time like this. Jim from Endicott, New York.

Inevitably, some interests will get less weight than others and some will be unhappy with compromise.

Gardner, realtors newsletter

And so we try to, inasmuch as possible, reframe the whole development issue in terms of neighborhood founding and neighborhood making and neighborhood healing as opposed to just land development, and if you approach it that way, it actually works out better for everybody. How are you? If it's planned badly, it could leave once-distinctive communities as sprawling conglomerations of strip malls, casinos and high-rise condos.

The governor said no, that's essentially putting a new tax on them. Jim is calling us.

JIM Caller : Hi there. CONAN: Yet how do you prevent those with--let's not be missisdippi shy about this--the deepest pockets from making sure that their ideas get the most interest?

"ground zero of someone else's future"

If your town or city or neighborhood has been rebuilt from the ground up, call and tell us how you went about it. And, Mayor Holloway, mississipoi I hearing your concern right that there's going to be a problem for the--well, perhaps predictably--for the least well-off in your city? And what people fear, I think, is just walls and walls of concrete condominiums blocking off the beach views and kind of, you know, taking away the personality ggulfport used to be there.

And, Mayor, thanks very much for taking the time to be with us today. Today it refers to a brainstorming process that architects use to develop solutions to de challenges, especially when time is short.

It's exciting. MOUZON: Basically, it's the notion that instead of just simply carpeting the land with undifferentiated sprawl that might look like Mississippi to Montana and you don't know what, that instead, you're creating in the neighborhood structure--that is everything is bounded by the size of the neighborhood, which in the Orangeburg private chat naughty is a quarter of a mile radius--that it is a series of neighborhoods that are compact and mixed use and mississipi meaning that driving actually is a choice, not a necessity.

And let's turn gulfpogt to somebody who's going to be very involved with the reconstruction of the Mississippi coast. I wanted to bring up the point of the element of distrust there is among many residents of the Gulf Coast, just because of prior to Hurricane Katrina, there were about 55 high-rise condo developments beginning, and so part of the local culture seemed to already--being sold off to developers and so I think many residents don't exactly trust the city leaders, that they want Hurricane Camille came in here and really devastated us.