JetBlue MasterCard Activation Procedure Guide

Barclays provides a platform for the users who are interested in activating their card after receiving their JetBlue MasterCard in their mail. For JetBlue MasterCard Activation you will be provided with a secure platform. After activating your card you just need to sign in your account to access your account.

JetBlue MasterCard
To activate your JetBlue MasterCard online you just need a good internet connection and a device. After activating your card you will get an access to manage your account and to make payments anytime anywhere by using your account as per your convenience.

JetBlue MasterCard Activation Step-by-Step Guideline

To start the JetBlue MasterCard Activation process you just need to follow the steps mentioned below. Make sure you must have your card along with you before starting the activation process:

Activate JetBlue

  • Go to the official website of JetBlue MasterCard activation by using the link
  • You will see the option of  “Active my card now” on the page. Click on it.
  • Now provide the information required. You have to enter your Social security number last 4-digit, D.O.B, your Account Number and Security code.
  • Now select whether you are a U.S. resident or not.
  • Click on Continue and complete the process to activate your card.

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JetBlue MasterCard Registration Process

  • If you have activated your card then the next step is to register yourself for an account to get and online access. You can manage your card online by just having your card account.
  • To register yourself the starting process is the same as the activation process. Go to the official site by using the link
  • You will be directed to the homepage of JetBlue MasterCard. Now tap the “Set up online access” button. A new window will be opened in front of you. Now here you have to enter the information required like.

Sign Up

  • Your Social Security number last 4-digits
  • Your Date of Birth mentioned on your card
  • Enter your Account Number
  • And  your 3-digit Security Code
  • Now select the option of U.S. citizenship.
  • Click on Continue a provide your login credentials like your Username and password.

JetBlue MasterCard Login

You can easily login your account after JetBlue MasterCard Activation and registration process. You can manage your account simply by logging in. Once you get an access you can view the billing statement and card activity summary. To log in your account follows the steps listed below:

  • Go to the JetBlue MasterCard Login official website by using this Link.
  • Now enter your login credentials i.e. your account Username and password.
  • Now click on Login to access your account.

You can also mark the “Remember Username” box if you are using your personal device to access your account fast for future use.

Username or Forgot Password

In case, You have forgotten your password or username you can easily retrieve your username or reset your password. Provide the information required for your verification to complete the process.

  • Enter your Social Security Number last 4-digit.
  • Provide your original Date of Birth.
  • And enter your Account Number mentioned on your card.

Make Payment using the Online Method

You can make your payment online as this is the most convenient way. You can pay your bill online anywhere anytime 24/7. Go to the official site of JetBlue MasterCard login page by using the link mentioned above. Here you have to select the “Make a Payment” tab and after that select the type you want for your payment.

Payment Over Phone

If you are facing poor connectivity issue then you can make payments on the phone by using the customer representative number 1-302-622-8990 to pay your bills.

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To make Payment using Mailing Address

The customers using JetBlue MasterCard can pay their bills by sending  money using the mail address as mentioned below:

JetBlue MasterCard Services

PO Box 13337,

Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337

Another mailing address is

JetBlue MasterCard Services

PO Box 60517,

City of Industry, CA 91716-0517

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