ItsmyPayRoll | Prepaid Debit Payroll Card Activation

You can get access to your salaries through itsmyPayRoll | Payroll Debit Card easily by just logging in to your online card account. You can use that card anywhere you want to pay for anything like, while shopping at the stores, grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, bars etc.  Now you can easily pay bills via payroll card. You have to activate your card before you use it, if you have received one. Bellow in this article you’ll find out the way of activating it.

Prepaid Debit Payroll Card Activation

To activate your payroll card online first go to the official website Link from your browser. You’ll see a link “Activate your card” click on that link a new page will be open. Then enter your card number into the empty box and click on “Submit”. After that you have to make your card PIN by any four digits of your choice. Repeat them into the next box and then click on the “Activate” button and you’re done!

Using Prepaid Debit Payroll Card Advantages

  • Using your payroll card you will be able to shop with it at shopping stores and online shopping services.
  • You can also transfer money to your personal, savings or checking account online.
  • You can retreat cash from any ATM’s network.
  • You can also request a paper check that you can get through mail.

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ItsmyPayRoll Card Account Login Procedure

You can login to your account without registering it so you can supervise your card dealings. You can login to your account in three simple steps.

  1. First you just have to enter your card number and PIN code.
  2. Then enter the “Login” button.
  3. By providing authentic information you will easily get access to your account.

For mobile Login

You can also use this service on your mobile phone. You just need to install its mobile app from Google app store and iTunes Store.

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