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Fort ocean shores chat rooms

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Attempt is made in this brochure to group in alphabetical order the numerous military and trading forts erected under the French regime and by the English Fur-trading companies.

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Shown on Thompson map This Company carried on the beaver monopoly of Canada until after the time of the conquest. Louis—also dhores A second route led horny chat line the western end of lake Erie, where Toledo now stands, by the Maumee river to the head waters of the Wabash, which falls into the Ohio. In a new fort was erected by Lessee Constantin. Garrison was withdrawn after war of and fort declined. Lawrence, ascended the St.

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Thompson visited the post Appears on list last and was probably closed about It is shown on Tyrrell's map of Northern Albertamarked "site of", No. They the natives live by fishing and hunting—they never sow anything and have no village.

It was the first and only fort in that region untilwhen Fort Chipewyan was first built. IV, p. New Brunswick house was nearly miles further upstream. John to James Bay as travelled by Father Albanel Map Northwestern Ontario No.

An old French trading post on lower St. Shown on H.

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It was not included among the forts named in the Company list nor on later lists. It is said that "for secrecy of action, hard, shrewd efficiency, and complete unity of purpose, the North West Company was perhaps the most effective commercial organization that had ever arisen in the new world". At the end of this lake we have to portage through swamp for about 3 miles. Shown on the Company map of posts No.

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IV, West of 3 rd Meridian. Appears on Arrowsmith maps No. Built by the Hudson's Bay Co. Agriculture was neglected for the more congenial pursuits of the fur trade, and the restless, roving Canadians, scattered abroad on their wild vocation, allied themselves to Indian juneau alaska sex chat and filled the woods with a mongrel race of bush-rangers.

It was feet long and feet wide. He remarks that "on the island there had been a French trading post, called La Pointe du St. Lawrence River Along the north shore of the St.

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It was a substantial fort, surrounded by high palisades with a gallery armed with wall pieces surrounding the whole square and having square towers at each corner. After the cession of Canada, free trade with the Indians led to the universal employment of liquor and this practice in turn caused the demoralization of the Indians and produced lawlessness, fraud and conflict among the numerous traders who went out in search of the Indians. A mission free horny chat in brunndobra fort for Arkansas Indians.

Lawrence in favour of the English at Albany and New York.

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A poor shabby post. Before the Basques had maintained there an establishment for whale fishery but were driven away by the Esquimaux.

Ancient French post at the western extremity of Mingan Seigniory, probably established when the seigniory was granted. It was a small establishment of one house. Builtit was the seat of government of the Illinois.

Not till could British traders safely traffic as far west as the Saskatchewan river, the Indians bringing their furs meanwhile to the Hudson's Bay Company forts on Hudson and James bays. It was apparently abandoned when the French garrisons were concentrated about and is not included among the French forts surrendered to the English This was the only fort held by the Hudson's Bay Co. The ordinance also mentions "the ancient establishments where trade was formerly carried on and of which there remain some vestiges.

Masson's les Bourgeois de la Compagnie Nord-Ouestvol. It was built before This fort is shown on the Johnston map No.

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Rainy lake or lake Takimamiwen Cree miles from Kaministiquia. It was established about and was included in the Deed of Surrender List Two other posts were built between andSplit Lake House on Split lake, an enlargement of the Sjores river about miles from Fort Nelsonand Nelson House on Footprint lake a tributary of the Churchill river.

It was included in a list of the King's posts It was established owing to difficulties of the long portage. It was upstream from Blondish's Fort.

French military fort on neck of Acadian peninsula on north bank Missiquash river. Shown Arrowsmith map No. Lawrence north shore, established beforeon strait of Belle Isle. These are noted in the numerical list of forts below. Louis, Monsippi, or Monsonis at the mouth of the Moose river.