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Female wrestling chat

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Female wrestling chat

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Here are some links to other sites on the net for those interested in the topic of female wrestling, in all it's forms and glory! Each site below has the WrestlingLady seal of approval.

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He also contributed the.

Go see for yourself! Wrestling Holds Gallery The webmaster, Maverint, has done an extraordinary job of putting together a comprehensive resource of holds both pro and amateur for the wrestler, remale and fan. It features pictures of Heather, her travel schedule and information for contacting her. Whatever Happened To?

Kara's Pocket Universe For you Supergirl fans out there. Joniar's Gallery A wonderful site featuring Photo stories, fictional stories and photo manipulations.

Lots of stuff here including catfight stories, personals, a Java chat room, videos and pix for sale and much more. A very active, attractive and interesting woman.

I fmeale link to just any site, so each of these is worth visiting! Bay State Women's Wrestling Very nice and constantly updated site celebrating women's pro wrestling in a respectful manner. And now there is a second devoted to Luna as well. Chat room, message board, stories, huge links wrestling chat room good advice for both the wrestler and fan of the sport.

This site was gone for awhile, but has returned Chatting in FemvsFem is easy! A very pretty young lady who is new to pro wrestling.

Lots of pics, videos for sale and other stuff too! Angel Fight's A large and lovely, amateur female wrestler with a nice site!

The place to find a wrestling opponent. :: main chat | runboard

WrdWvr's A fellow fiction author. I frequented that chat room in the past, and recommend it again if it can achieve the same level of participation. Please support it!

She is not only very pretty, but also very talented from what I hear, with a great domsub chat. So a very sweet guy, who is the webmaster for several other women wrestlers, has put together this tribute to her.

Welcome to femvsfem

The matches take place in private locations, without the hype of a pro style match. Vast selection of GLOW tapes too! Have time on your hands, because it may take some time to navigate, but definately worth it! Though the focus is on the "finishing move", there is lots of other great stuff here too!!! He also has some pictures and die hard chat sex of other very interesting stuff.

Women's Fantasy Wrestling League Another site where viewers vote for the winner of a hypothetical wrestling match.

The place to find a wrestling opponent. | runboard

He frequently updates the site with new artwork and stories, so take a look. There is also a separate, personal site for the "WebMistress", Judy who is herself a wrestler.

The next one is coming in april and has lots of great wrestlers ed up to participate. It's a great site worth visiting over and over! Although it focuses primarliy on mixed wrestling, it does feature an eclectic grouping of stuff related to female wrestling as well.

Honest Eddy's Links An interesting concept. A former member of my Top Bomur's Habitat! Lots xhat pics of this beautiful and talented woman in action.

Manzer's Tape List Very extensive list of tapes available for trade or sale from almost every company. Boles' Female Wrestling Arena! Wrestling Fun Home This is a wonderful, quirky website.

There is a Ladies Corner which you can after Barbara voice verifies you, so you can be confident in whom you are conversing with. Real Catfights A very professional site focusing on real and fictional catfight stories.

He is by far the most talented artist I have had the honor of knowing personally. Take a look! She is a real knock-out in more ways than one!!!

She even had her own website too, and was very active in the internet wrestling community. Female Wrestlers International Network A new which is still under construction, but with enormous potential.