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Ebony chat lines in australia

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We would like to share our experiences of "that day" with you, and maybe by doing so we will be able to "let go" of some of the memories, and you may be able to better understand some of what we went through. Each person's free girls chat rooms and experience was different on the day, but here is ours. Looking back over the notes in the diary, we remember that January was iin very hot month. We had noted that in Marysville the week from Australia Day, 26th Januaryand onwards, the temperatures had been extreme - between 43 and 48 degrees. In fact these temperatures continued right up to Saturday 7th February, when they were exceeded. It had been hot in Melbourne but hotter still up here in Marysville.

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What a relief. There were many fires in the State on that day!! The time recorded on the mobile's message was 6. Glen had been trapped in the SES austalia until now.

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This is the mistress chat of our time spent " in the house, alight with fire "! It was now time! As we moved out from the study, onto our front verandah, with the fire moving away from us, the front door slammed shut behind us!

Robyn has to use her CPAP machine every night. Despite all the flames, fire, heat and smoke, the Linds was not yet unbearably hot, although the air was toxic!

This often happens in a supermarket! They certainly helped us as much as they could, and as quickly as they could.

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Lunch [8]. Time for decisions! This fire had not even gained any media attention until the day afterwards, and now the town was classed as a crime scene! We checked out our position from the main bedroom windows again - at the front of the house.

We told her that "we can't talk now, something is happening" to which she asked "what? The hot summer weather did not abate after these fires.

It was great to be given this time for us to have a final inspection. We planned to call her back a little bit latter on. Arrangements were made for our group to be taken to Eildon, for accommodation, in the short term. We had never seen such generosity. Springtime was magnificent. These included some spades and rakes, as well as a variety of tools for home spiritual chat.

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We awoke in a haze the next morning. Eventually we headed off with them, after saying fair-well to a few friends - we were all going in different directions.

To other very heavily treed areas! Marysville, being based on tourism, had some wonderful icons which were a "must see" to most visitors - depending on the season. Wondering 'what next'? When all else was done, we called in to organise having carpet laid in our bedroom on ebojy following Monday morning.

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Life is not easy, and it is still way too early for any of us to "get over it" as many city folk have suggested. Lake Mountain and the Beeches are currently an absolute eye-sore.

The generosity of the public has been mind blowing. Someone has since described it as a "fire tsunami".

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The garage was ablaze, as were all of the trees and gardens. They do care deeply. We anticipated breathing our last when we opened the front door, as the garage, trees, and everything else were enveloped with flame and heat.

And it did! Ms Fran Bailey got her staff to work for us, and they were fantastic.

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At some stage during the night it became bitterly cold. The workers were very good.

Burning eyes. Up until this time, there had been no news about Marysville's plight getting out to the outside world. As we went upstairs, our main thought was "what do we do now?