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Drifting pennsylvania chat rooms

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Drifting pennsylvania chat rooms

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Chat room Twining Michigan-hot gentle-jewish matchmaker. Fun Loving Bi I am a single mom who is in the middle of a divorce.

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There is no easy alternative to beating bad people back, but what we must not do is let them win.

How chatt do you know today's news? Transsexual video chat chat room abusers face jail. Julia, 12, Glasgow I never use chat rooms because I can never understand what everyone is saying coz so many people are talking at the same time! I'm not very happy and have even ed and will complain until they stop. MSN has to stay.

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Diya, India. I believe that shutting down all chat rooms is the wrong action. That's prolly what this ad is gonna be.

What about all the positive things that chat rooms are responsible for? James, 15, Hemingbrough, Selby I have to be totally honest here I have tried using other chat rooms like on yahoo and Lycos and I've found that MSN ones are the cleanest chat rooms and the friendliest that I have found and I think it is very unfair that people in the UK are always the ones that have to suffer.

Why can't such a large company like Microsoft appoint moderators on all continents? If MSN closes down the majority of its chatrooms, it would be much safer for all concerned. I sometimes have doubts about people that I get introduced to over MSN via friends, but at the end of the day, if your friends know them, they can't be that dangerous, can they?

More Info. I can understand why chatrooms are gonna be banned, seeing as there are lots of paedophiles surfing the 'net.

YOU decide who can talk to you and who can't. Josh, 13, middlesbrough.

Chat rooms are dangerous and I'm sooo happy they are closing down. Rebecca, 14, Surrey. To put things in perspective: The world cht be a safer place without lighters, kitchen knives, kettles boiling water hurts you know!

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Juliette, 12, Cardiff. Mark, 15, York Just take a step back and think. Why don't they just put moderators in them? Charles, 13 I don't understand why they shut down all of the rooms. Loreen Age: Imogene Age: I am very adventurous and like to treat woman the way they like to be-good or very nasty Lars, 12, Rotterdam.

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If they stop MSN altogether I will be most disappointed! That way, I can talk to friends and still feel safe. If it still doesn't work out you can block them.

I loved chatting on MSN chat rooms, and was shocked and disappointed when I heard they were going. Those that want chat rooms to stay don't understand the dangers of chat rooms.

Fun Loving Bi I am a single mom who is in the middle of a divorce. If parents feel unsafe with there children on them, then they show have the related sites and rooms blocked, from there ISP. Even if they go, MSN Messenger will still roomss available which is quite safe.

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Sharon 13, London. I would really hate it if chat rooms go because that is the only way Caht can talk to my friends in Warrington, England.

I pennsylvanla never ever used chat rooms but I am a member plus on msn zone. Full Chat Section. Amisha, 12, Mumbai People will still be able to chat to friends, services such as Instant Messenger will continue, it is only MSN's public access chat that will be stopped. We depend on them!