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Also, I loved how the chat in the Warcraft 2 lobby worked: I think it was one line for each person so six or eight? It looked like disted language art. ICQ had a realtime feature where you could be in a room with friends and watch each other type, like with screen. The overwhelming sex chat room elgin washed over me for a second… I did not like that class at the time. Sheesh, that was not useful for me!

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Yap: An ephemeral, Real-Time chat room with up to six participants yap. I chag doubt they knew it was an island with hundreds of millions of inhabitants when they picked that name. Not quite a copyright concern but wouldn't this get confused with the island[0]? Unless its serverless and p2p based rooms?

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ALittleLight 10 months ago Saying it "utterly fails" seems harsh, especially because you don't give any explanation. Covzire 10 months ago It seems really fascinating to me, all about being in the moment like conversations face to face. Amazon is also a place name. Is nice, will keep an eye.

Pixar talk: a bug’s life

This is coming from someone who does css for a living daily so your mileage may vary. Cool app, but I really love caht style. Cool de, but the idea of messages disappearing after they're typed makes it practically pointless for general use. Lets's yap!

But to do so requires more effort, and would only be done if you had a particular need for it. It wont ypa though. Turn an abysmal oversight into a piece of marketing lore. Thorentis 10 months ago. People can record them.

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While I agree it's practically pointless for general use - that's basically the point, and I love the take they've chosen on it. King-Aaron 10 months ago.

The app has its own aesthetic. I definitely won't use it, but as a creative project and social experiment - I love it.

Why would you need a framework for this? Dirlewanger 10 months ago padding, which is like half of "Show HN" entries.

But you see, it's "webscale"! Big, basic and intuitive! I love it, so it would be nice to put a name to it.

Yap is the best new chatroom

Surely slots should be reusable? Nothing about this actually is minimal.

Really like the concept of ephemeral communication. Change the Yap logo to the outline of the island. Why can I not replace a speaker as a watcher when they leave the room? I'm back! It's a highly stylized de that I guess "feels" minimal, but it utterly fails at actually being minimal.

Yap chat - tech in asia

Pop art? So I tried putting a link in the box on the right and it just turned black. Any CSS frameworks that can produce similar look? Yep, that's gotta chay a bug surely? It reminds me a bit of Warhol's stuff. Love it.

AlexITC 10 months ago. ALittleLight 10 months ago. Is there a name for this kind of style? Or am I over thinking this?

Yap synonyms | best 31 synonyms for yap

I don't think it's justifiable to say it "utterly fails" either way though. I think it's debatable whether it's minimalist or not.

Big fan of that de too! I like the UI. Might as well make it a feature.

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DJBunnies 10 months ago It wont be though. As for the rest, I'm struggling to see something interesting.

I crack up every time I see the Java logo, a cup of coffee. I like the sound effects. I imagine that was a quick early purchase. fhat

Do know of any good mobile websites with good e2e ephemeral chats? RomanPushkin 10 months ago I like the de. I understand this sentiment, I really do padding, which is like half of "Show HN" entries.