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The story of the Bible is actually good news. God created man and wanted us to experience true relationship and love with him. In order for that to happen, he gave us free will to choose — otherwise that relationship would not be real. Unfortunately, man used that free will to disobey God and that brought sin into the world. We still live in that broken world and the penalty for our sin is death and separation from God.

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That is the groups that claim to be Christian that are outside the mainstream. Str18 October UTC.

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Online Chat. A few points The Restorationism article discusses Adventism, which of course, is at least tacitly dispensational. Sorry, Storm Rider, I have restored the sentence "Because of their teachings they are usually considered heretical or non-Christian by other mainstream Christian.

Note, that we cannot include every act of persecution and that these should go to the proper section e. To xhristianity myself more "objectively": Christianity did not evolve our of Judaism as we know it but both are the surviving branches of 1st century Judaism, both claiming to be the true one. However, that difference is not nearly as broad as you suppose or been lead to believe.

In doing so, we might illiminate a good deal christuanity confusion that would be engendered by the statement, "Mormons are not Christian". Finally, perhaps we do need to clarify that "standard Trinitarianism" with or without the filioque is THE issue which divides mainstream Christians from those who name the name of Christ but do not embrace the orthodox doctrine of God.

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Please do not ever think that you can prove your doctrine by the Bible. The editing dispute is, if I'm not mistaken, solved and we have already occupied way too much space with this discussion mostly my fault. This would have been a similar position of the Pharisees towards Christ and the apostles.

Wesley I tend to agree with you, although I can live with "mainstream. Regarding persecution, I will simply state that Mormons were attacked by the military on several occasions in the US, JWs were rounded up by the Hitler Christianigy, and all of us have had our literature vandalized and gay chat lorain what we consider persecution.

Unfortunately, man used that free will to disobey God and that brought sin into the world.

I deleted a of the "and they are christkanity Christian" statements. In regard to the persecutions. Readers may read articles on both JW's and Mormons where it clearly states they are viewed as non-Christian and why in their respective articles.

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It is taken out of context and you would find a greater meaning upon further research, but as christlanity say that is not the purpose of this article. It is my faith that you are wishing to deny not the other way around. The trinitiarian issue is mentioned chrjstianity it is the most common. Whether the military attacks on the Mormons constitute persecution I cannot say whithout looking at the context.

Accepting Christ as their personal Savior adult chat bots the defnition of being saved, not whether you are obedient to teachings.

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My present edit wants to make it: 1- minority groups 2- special case Mormons 3-view of other Christians. Chrlstianity, the Pharisees existed at best for years, at least for years. Just as you want me to allow for your POV and your faith, please allow me mine. Don't you think? By the way, maybe my brain is a bit muzzy now from christiahity the revision, but I have no idea what MSC referred to at the beginning of this thread means.

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Their creeds are the doctrines of men and have nothing to do with God or His teachings. I'll resist the temptation of giving a lengthy of my own understanding of the word "Christian", but at the very leastit would include a belief that Jesus was "True God and True Man", and that He died to redeem mankind, and then rose from the dead. Not "the Jewish people as a whole". The groups that are not Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox.

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As far as Constantine, I'm not sure of the history there, so I'll take your word for it. It is not claiming to be indisputable.

So do you and we come to different conclusions. I am not easily pushing someone out, as I hope my post has made clear. When we do that we are forgiven of our sins and God sees us just as he sees his perfect son. As the article clearly states: "A more comprehensive overview would show more complicated relationships among denominations and traditions", if the objective is to have less chta article, there is no need to single out specific groups.

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I am not; I accept your beliefs and your faith. When you define Christian, as you use the term, it is then easy to understand that what you mean is Mormons are not part of historical or traditional Christianity. Given that Catholicism is the majority, seems appropriate given that might makes right. Views Read Edit View history.