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The male Eastern Spinebill has gray-brown upperparts; black head; brownish-red nape; whte throat with reddish patch. Female is smaller and duller. The Western Spinebill has gray upperparts; black head; red throat band; white ear patch.

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The other Epthianura species are more widespread: Orange E. Frith, A. The New Holland Honeyeater australixn mainly black upperparts; yellow margins on wing and tail feathers; white facial tufts; black and white streaked underparts.

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Charles G. The Noisy Miner has mainly gray plumage; darker wings; black band over crown; grayish-white underparts; bright orange-yellow bill. Both have a long down-curved bill. Davies, and P. Sibley, Santa Rosa, CA.

Female has mottled gray-brown upperparts; pale fawny-yellow underparts. Female australjan duller olive-brown; yellowish-white curves from base of bill to below eye. It makes sense for world birders to specially seek them out as a distinctive group, even if no longer a family.

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Monograph 2: White-fronted Chat inhabits heathland and pasture but, like all the chats, feeds primarily on the ground. Sibley, C.

The Yellow-tufted Honeyeater has olive-green upperparts; more olive-yellow underparts; yellow crown, throat; black mask; yellow ear-coverts. Female similar but more brown around throat, face, neck; over all duller. Phylogeny and evolution of the Australo-Papuan honeyaters Passeriformes, Meliphagidae.

In the non-breeding season, mixed flocks of chats are sometimes encountered, and some small flocks can wander very widely. The Eungella Honeyeater is endemic to the Eungella range and tends to move out from rainforest to the drier open woodland in the winter months. These are mostly birds of the dry interior of Australia, chwts some inhabit coastal lagoons.

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The New Holland Honeyeater has mainly black upperparts; yellow margins on wing and tail feathers. The Red Wattlebird has dark brown crown, forehead; slightly paler nape with white streaks; whitish triangular face patch. Reader's Digest, Sydney, Australia. A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, 1st ed.

Birds of the World, on diskette, Windows version 2. Literature cited : Blakers, M. It is a terrestrial bird of stony desert and short grass plains in south-east central Australia: the Gibber plains.

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Blakers, M. The male Orange Chat has yellowish-orange head, underparts; black lores, throat. Reader's Digest Complete Birds of Australia. The Gilbert's Honeyeater has olive-green upperparts; white underparts, arc above eye, crest on nape. The Western Spinebill has gray upperparts; black head; red throat band; white ear patch.

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Because its locales are often hard to reach, and even when reached it is inconspicuous in behavior, it remains a little known species. Press, Princeton, N.

Penguin Books Australia Ltd. Female is smaller and duller.

Apparently, the Handbook of the Birds of the World HBW project will continue to elevate the group to family status, despite the new evidence, to emphasize their uniqueness and because changes in phylogeny have been taking place so rapidly that a long-planned series like HBW cannot keep up, in practical terms. A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, revised 5th ed.

Princeton Univ. The male Black Honeyeather has black and white plumage; female has speckled brown plumage.

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In the breeding season some species e. Given the ausstralian habitats of the vast majority of honeyeaters, the terrestrial chats are, indeed, quite different birds.

Bibliographic note : There was no australia book when this was more or less universally accepted as a family, and the Handbook of the Birds of the World has not yet reached this group. Christidis, L.

Female has brown upperparts, gray-white chin; whitish breast streaked and spotted dark brown; white underparts. Simpson, K, and N. In the great Australasian radiation, during which many types of birds evolved in isolation for eons, they might be considered the "pipit" equivalent.

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Royal Australian Ornith. Press, Carlton, Victoria. Chats tend to erupt and breed after after rains. All the Australian chats are arid adapted species and therefore nomadic to some degree.

Female has brown upperparts; white underparts; dark breast-band. Female duler than male.