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Back to Chat area options. Forward to Right click in a chat. Users can zoom in or out on areq conversation to increase readability of the chat.

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On WebinarNinja, the chat area is right next to the webinar video.

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Did this answer your question? A WebinarNinja badge appears cbat the avatar of all WebinarNinja host holders. Save the chat by clicking the Save icon.

See the difference by clicking on the example at right. Written by CJ Updated over a week ago. This is useful when you want your attendees to completely focus at a certain time in your webinar. Click the Close chat and questions button to close the chat area.

It looks like a mini Aea icon attached to an attendee's image. Use the Show chat history button to view and save the chat history of over lines as displayed in the chat area. You can also use the font size drop down box to change your text size.

See the discussion of chat history here. Keep clicking until you reach a size you like.

This will leave the chat area enabled for your attendees. The chat area is available for live webinars as well as hybrid webinars. To hide the chat window from yourself, use the arrow icon next to the blue toggle.

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Navigate to your desired folder and click Save. See the difference by clicking the example at right.

Users can zoom in or out on a conversation to increase readability of the chat. Back to Chat area options. Click on the Zoom in button to increase font size.

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For information about turning on and off the arew times or changing the time between 12 and 24 hour format. Running Webinars. You can use the Zoom out button to decrease font size in the chat area. Using The Chat Area Easily communicate with your attendees live during a webinar. You can disable the chat area at any time by clicking the blue toggle at the top.

Forward to Right click in a chat. Your own sent messages will appear on the right side of the chat area.


A great webinar is an interactive webinar. Here, attendees can chat with you and other attendees.

Use the Restore defaults button to bring the text size back to the default size. A Save as dialog box opens with the default name "chat". URLs typed into a chat are clickable links. Running a Webinar.

All Collections. Note : Once your webinar has ended, the chat area will remain active for 5 minutes for any further questions and comments.